Wednesday, April 29, 2009

TellMe Rolls Out New Features

Tellme®, a subsidiary that Microsoft® purchased two years ago has announced a Spring Release of new features and product improvements that tighten the integration between TellMe & it's parent and take advantage of the deep technical skills from both TellMe and Microsoft's speech research group.

The new release offers improvements focused on:
  • Positioning TellMe as a service offering in the emerging Cloud Computing arena
  • Improving core speech recognition quality
  • Adding new multi-slot recognition capability
  • Reducing telecom costs

The enhancements include a new VoIP offering through a partnership with Global Crossing, a new TTS voice which leverages the Microsoft Text-to-Speech (TTS) engine, new acoustic models, phonetic dictionaries and grammar products that increase the accuracy, new multi-slot dialog capability which will allow callers a more natural conversational experience while keeping recognition rates high and new mobile services, including the Windows Mobile 6.5 application. They will now be able to offer not only Nuance and IBM recognition engines but also add Microsoft's engine.

I've hyperlinked to the announcement press release in the opening paragraph so you can take a look at the changes in more detail.

TellMe has always been a strong hosting company and these additions will only further strengthen their position in the market.

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